4 days In Nigeria, I Have Already Been Profiled As A Criminal By The NPF; Washington D.C. Police Officer

A police officer who works in Washington DC, visited Nigeria for the holidays, and he’s revealed how he was profiled a criminal by the Nigerian Police Force because of his braids.

@wearethe2030 shared a photo of himself and wrote: “4 days in Nigeria & I have already been profiled as a criminal by the Nigeria police force. They profile people based on looks. Male with dreads, braids and so on. I work for the Washington DC as a police officer and I have braids. Enough of the profiling! @TunjiDisu1 @aleeygiwa”

Explaining how it happened, he wrote: “Riding back to my hotel on Toyin street, Allen, Ikeja, with Taxify, and the police had stopped me twice on the same road, ordered me to step out of the vehicle asking what I do for a living. My police credentials saved me from being a victim.”

Source: Yabaleft

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  1. It is a victory to all activists all over the world.My appreciation to my home country USA,where the rule of law is uphold ,respected and adhere to.The American embassy in Nigeria,the Congress members,other European union members,the activists on ground in Nigeria,Deji Adeyanju,take back Nigeria Texas branch , the Nigerian bar association and our able senior advocate- SAN FALANA.
    It must be noted that no one is above the law,Nigerian govt must learn from USA on how to run a democratically elected government.
    And to those overzealous employee of the government who failed to do the right things because of benefits or position they occupied ,trying to circumvent justice,it may be 1yr or 10yrs to come,another Pharao who does not know your Moses will revisit all your atrocities and you will be brought to book.
    Merry Xmas all freedom fighters,pls continue to push forward,Nigerians are suffering and they need our helps

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