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Pastor Adeboye Felicitates Wife On Their 55th Wedding Anniversary



Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has taken to social media to celebrate his wife, Foluke, on their 55th wedding anniversary.

Adeboye and his wife had their court wedding on 8 September 1967 and the church wedding on 16 December 1967.

In a message on his Facebook page, on Thursday morning, the RCCG went back on memory lane recalling how his wife, whose name is always shortened to ‘Folu’ chose him over other more well to do and famous suitors 55 years ago.

He also expressed appreciation for making the marriage a success and proving all oppositions back then wrong.

Pastor Adeboye said in the short post illustrated with the couple standing by a beautiful giant cake: “My darling @pastorfoluadeboye the woman who has suffered with me, she stood by me when we had nothing. I was the poorest and the least known of all the men after her 55yrs ago.

“But she left all those who were famous, well to do and she picked me. Thank God, God had made us a success and proven all the oppostions back then wrong.

“Here is to 55 more years of double love, double grace, double peace, double of heaven on earth. #PerfectJubilee #CoupleGoals #GodFreedUs”.

The 1967 marriage between Adeboye and Foluke is blessed with four children: Leke, Adeola, Dare, Bolu Adubi. However, one of the children is deceased.

A popular author and memmber of RCCG, Bisi Daniels in a book titled, Stories of Pastor E.A Adeboye: The Power of Testimony, also revealed that Adeboye was the least among the suitors jostling for his wife then.

Quoting a testimony once given by the RCCG General Overseer, he wrote, “there were many of us contesting for the hand of my wife. I wanted to marry a beautiful princess but I was the least qualified among the many suitors. Out of the number, three of us were in the forefront. “But I was a student, while one of us was a lawyer who owned a car. All I had was a ‘foot wagon’ (moving around on foot). I decided to let her know my financial status. “I said to her, ‘Please, listen. I have nothing; no money, no house, no influence, nothing.’ I told her that if I had anything at all, it was the little brain God gave to me. ‘I have nothing to offer you except myself. If you will marry me, you will have me to yourself completely.”




Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Demoted On Royal Family Website




Royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been moved to the bottom of the Royal Family’s website alongside Harry’s disgraced uncle, Prince Andrew, who has fallen from grace due to a scandal over his friendship with U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, and his out of court settlement in a related sex assault allegation case by Virginia Giuffre.

Links taking readers to pages dedicated to the Harry and Meghan had previously been placed around halfway down the page – below senior royals and above minor members of the family but following Queen Elizabeth’s death, the webpage was updated and Harry and Meghan have now been moved down below the likes of Princess Alexandra and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle fall in UK royal family pecking order; demoted  to bottom of website - World News

Also, Prince Michael of Kent and his wife Marie-Christine, neither of whom are working royals, have been removed from the page entirely.

This comes as King Charles is reported to be planning a ‘slimmed-down’ monarchy during his reign, as the public does not wish to pay for an ever-expanding Royal Family.

Meanwhile, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent and the Duke of Gloucester, the Queen’s cousins, all remain on the page as they are still working royals.

The Sussexes were first moved down the page around 15 months ago, having previously sat below the Prince and Princess of Wales. to below the Wessexes and the Princess Royal.

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May Yul Edochie Kicks Against Polygamy Says “I Will Not Be Numbered As A Wife”




May Yul-Edochie, the wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has once again expressed her disapproval of her husband’s decision to venture into polygamy.

Recall that in April this year, Yul announced he has picked actress Judy Moghalu as his second wife and that they already have a son together.

In a piece she shared on her Instagram page this afternoon, May said she had a stable and loving home prior to the unprecedented events regarding her marriage. She stated that polygamy is a life choice and that no one should be compelled to accept it. The mum of four stressed that some religions| and traditions allow polygamy and that she has nothing against it but that as a person she will not be numbered or cajoled to accept a practice that does not align with her faith and family values.

She also revealed that the house she’s living in was jointly built by her and Yul.

Read her piece below:

“The ability to accept or tolerate challenges and problems in life is a virtue, and should not be misconstrued. There is no point making an already bad situation worse, hence the need to remain calm is crucial.

I understand that we all have our weaknesses and limitations as humans, and I personally believe everyone deserves an opportunity to make things right when they stray… Forgiveness is devine.

Beyond all the unnecessary facades, Polygamy is a life choice and no one should be compelled to accept it. It is something I think all parties involved should embrace willingly, and it’s okay for anyone who chooses it. Some religions / traditions allow polygamy and I have nothing against it. However, I am ABSOLUTELY certain that I will not be NUMBERED as a wife or be cajoled to accept a practice that does not align with my faith and family values.

God blessed me with a happy, peaceful, and lovely family in a beautiful and JOINTLY built “mansion” that started from little or nothing…humble beginnings. What more could I have been asking for? I had a stable and loving home prior to the unprecedented events regarding my marriage.

Life is made up of an infinite amount of choices. Most decisions might be tough to make, but whenever we confront our options with courage and confidence, we should equally be open to the paths of our own design. I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought that comes with it in our lifetime.

We should understand that taking life changing decisions hastily is not the best. God in His infinite mercy fixes things in His own time, He will definitely answer all our prayers.

Thank you all for your continuous prayers, love and support. May God bless you abundantly.”


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Why Mercy Chinwo and Pastor Blessed are inviting trouble into their home – Nigerian Lawmaker




Maria Ude Nwachi, a lawmaker representing Afikpo North-East in Ebonyi State House of Assembly has issued a public warning to newlywed gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo and her husband, Pastor BLessed.

The warning is coming after the gospel singer flaunted the brand new car gift she was given by her husband for her birthday earlier this week.

Pastor Blessed had surprised Mercy Chinwo with an SUV as a birthday gift and an excited Mercy Chinwo flaunted the gift on social media and urged her fans to thank him on her behalf; an act that did not sit down well with Maria Ude Nwachi.

Airing her displeasure on the act on Facebook, the lawmaker chided Mercy Chinwo for the “unnecessary show off”

“Mercy Chinwo & hubby, avoid unnecessary show on social media. Don’t invite scrutiny on yourselves. Biko. Clarification: This type of show by a woman of the bible will bring nothing good for her. One investigation into their doing might bust a lot and those hailing them won’t be able to help them out of it. The investigation can come from the source and to find something no dey hard. To make displays that beg to be scrutinized is very very unwise because your subliminal request will surely be answered if you keep it up. Nollywood actresses do these packages and it’s okay but not her type. I did not post that package because I felt sorry for her as she knows not what she is doing. Allow trouble to sleep in peace, no wake am. Thank you.” Maria Ude wrote on Facebook.

Interestingly, some of Maria’s followers agreed with her submission.

One Seun wrote “infact ma, I expected her to be wiser o… painful when you expect wisdom from a person and meet the opposite.they won’t tell her the truth now o,and even if she sees just one person to tell her, she’ll see the person as bad belle…so I wish her all the best”

One Francis wrote “You know, I was already wondering how much her husband earns, is it from his church business after all they just spent on their wedding, she should respect her peace and stop that show.”

One Nora wrote “a word is enough for the wise for me personally I don’t like all this social media parade”

One EKeh Blessing wrote “Seriously the thing is somehow o. Diggers will now go and be digging.i love that lady so much and I want her to have a peaceful home.”

One Princess wrote “Eyes are on her. Her husband’s source of income is being questioned already and aproko investigators are already at work. Mark this. I’m saying this for the second time and for the records and quote purposes. There’s something about that guy. I will refer to this comment someday”

Recall that Mercy Chinwo, and her husband, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, in August 2022 tied the knot in a church ceremony, after they celebrated their traditional marriage ceremony in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.


Credit: KFN

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