Covid 19: CCECC opens up on Chinese doctors’ duties in Nigeria

The company that funded the trip of the Chinese “medical doctors” to Nigeria, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), has provide further explanation of their trip.

CCECC said the team has been focusing only on assigned duties in Nigeria.

The firm said this in a statement posted on its Twitter page on Friday.

It explained that the doctors were not treating Nigerians positive for coronavirus.

CCECC said the team has assisted in setting up isolation centres and has provided medical support and training to its staff.

The statement said after a 14-day quarantine and necessary tests, the medical team has been carrying out its “assigned mission”.

“The medical personnel are in Nigeria at the instance of CCECC Nigeria and they have been at all times under the care and accommodation of CCECC. During their stay in Nigeria, they have complied with all known immigration and health protocols.”

The company reiterated that “the mandate of the team, as mutually agreed with all stakeholders, does not cover treatment of COVID-19 cases”.

It said in dealing with both the CCECC and the Nigerian health officials, the doctors only play an advisory role.

“They would continue to engage with CCECC management and staff will always be willing to engage with Nigerian health officials and other stakeholders whenever and wherever it is necessary to do so.”


Full statement below:

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  1. This is Arrant nonsense. The Minister Health Welcomed them into Nigeria and later he is telling Nigerians that he don’t know there whereabout. In the first place, our Doctors in Nigeria warns against bringing these killers Doctors I to Nigeria. But they refused and they went ahead to bring them into Nigeria. When they came into Nigeria we saw the way the Minister welcomed them at Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport. The CCECC said they didn’t come to work for Nigeria but to work for the benefit of CCECC staff. The Question is why would our Government show case them to us that they are coming to assist in the fight for covid-19. Something is fishy. God will punish anyone and any group stealing Nigerian money. We have capable people in Nigeria that can handle the so call virus without stress but our Govt will not look into their way. They prefer to go side to find solution.

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