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Nasarawa: Trouble As Wife Catches Husband Sleeping With Mother

A Nasarawa housewife whose name was simply given as Doris has alleged that her husband cheated on her with her mother.



A Nasarawa housewife whose name was simply given as Doris has alleged that her husband cheated on her with her mother.

The Nation reported that the woman said the lid on the secret affair between her 46-year-old husband and her mother was blown open by her six-year-old son.

The publication reported that Doris’ mother, Madam Cynthia (surname withheld), did not deny the romance between her and her son-in-law when her daughter confronted her with the allegation. She reportedly told her daughter that she was in a relationship with her son-in-law (her daughter’s husband), Joseph, before they got married, and it was the best romance opportunity she had 20 years after she lost her husband.

Madam Cynthia said;

“My husband died about 20 years ago, and I never found another man of my dreams until I met Joseph. He is a kind and generous gentleman. He is also very strong and very good in bed.

“He gave me the most satisfaction I ever had with a man in bed. Because of that, I did not want to lose his company, so I recommended him to you (Doris). I insisted that he must get married to you so you could have a taste of what he is made of.”

28-year-old Doris got married to Joseph, a sales manager with a private company, oblivious to the fact that he and her mother were dating. They got married while she was based in Keffi as a student at Nasarawa State University. She didn’t know about the affair because she was not visiting Lafia regularly and when she did during the holidays, she took up some casual jobs in Keffi despite her mother’s thriving restaurant business.

Their affair came to light on January 18, when Madam Cynthia visited her daughter’s matrimonial home in New Nyanyan, Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State. Joseph was said to have moved to Nyanyan for the sake of proximity to his wife for whom he had secured a civil service job in Abuja.

Joseph and his mother-in-law (Cynthia) decided to engage in fresh sessions of romance during the visit. Unfortunately, their six-year-old son ran into them in one of the sessions and later let the cat out of the bag.

Narrating the incident, Doris said;

“I met my husband through my mother in Lafia in 2018. I had just completed NYSC and she introduced him to me as someone who was very good and generous and would never maltreat me.

“Looking at Joseph, although he was not too young, he actually appeared gentle and promising. He would come to my mother’s restaurant every evening after the close of work, but I never suspected that he was also going out with my mother.

“She actually hid her main reason for linking the two of us together. My mother did not want my husband to get married to another woman basically because of his sexual prowess and kindness.

“To my admiration, Joseph actually showed commitment, making sure that all my needs were met even without me asking.

“Within a short time, he proved to me that he was actually a good man in addition to what my mother told me.

“We eventually got married in 2018, and two years later, we relocated to New Nyanyan because he had secured a civil service job for me in Abuja and also opened a salon for me.

“I have three kids and I am presently four months pregnant. My mother, a very careful woman, had told me after my marriage that she felt fulfilled that I got married to Joseph.

“She was always coming on visits, and would always ask whether I was enjoying my marriage. And I truly was enjoying it, because my husband did make life easy for me and my kids.

“She was always calling or visiting, and I thought it was because I am her only child. When I gave birth to my first son, she was very excited and often came to help out with house chores.

“She was always taking care of my kids who she loves so much. It was as if she was living together with us. We live in a three-bedroom apartment, so there was enough space for her to stay for as long as she wanted.

“On January 13, my mother came around and it coincided with the time my husband took a week off to rest at home. It never occurred to me that my husband’s one-week rest was tactically planned to coincide with my mother’s coming.

“The setting in my matrimonial home was the best for them because of the kids. They took care of the kids while I went to work, but I did not know that they were also taking care of themselves.

“My mum loves a particular brand of alcohol while my husband also likes a brand of wine, which he always ensured was in the refrigerator.

“So while I was away to work and the kids had gone to school, they kept each other company with their drinks. It never occurred to me that their relationship was beyond mother-in-law and son-in-law.

“On Thursday, January 18, I returned from work and my eldest son came into my room as I was pulling off my dress. He looked worried and confused, so I asked whether his aunty beat him in school or he was not given food, but he said nothing.

“When I prodded him further, he told me that he saw his father and grandmother fighting naked in the visitor’s room and grandma was crying while daddy was on top of her.

“I asked how he got to know, and he said that when he returned from school, grandma bathed him and he slept off after eating because he was tired.

“He said that when he woke up, he went to check on Grandma (Madam Cynthia) in her room and found that she and her father were fighting naked and Grandma was crying under him.

“Obviously, they did not lock the door. He said his father ordered him to go out immediately. Although I was shocked at the revelation, I managed to control my anger and inquire to know more of what went wrong in my absence.

“My son’s claims were actually not unexpected because of my mother’s constant visit to us and her unusual closeness to my husband.

“They were so close and were always in the sitting room together. But another thought came into my mind: the two of them had known each other before I came in, and I actually met my husband through my mother.

“I walked swiftly across the house and into my mother’s room and asked if there was something going on between her and my husband.

“She could not deny the allegation and that caused me to start shedding tears. I just did not know where the tears were coming from.

“My mother calmed me down and narrated the story of her relationship with Joseph and why she insisted that I should marry him.

“She said she got hooked on my husband because he was very good in bed in addition to his good nature. In fact, she described my husband as a Maradona in bed.

“She said that every woman would like such a man and she did not want me to miss out on him because those are the traits that sustain marriages.

“She said she would have felt cheated if Danjuma had married another woman, and that was why she persuaded me to marry him.

“She actually believed she was doing the best for me.

“Yes, the bible says honour thy father and mother, but what do you do with a mother who didn’t even honour her daughter’s wedding vows?

“Before I could say anything, she knelt down and said she was sorry I found out about their relationship the way I did, but she was not sorry she got both of us together.

“She said I should be grateful for our stable home and healthy children, adding that she did what she did because she was hungry for sex, particularly with Joseph.

“My mother confessed that on that particular day, they were together in the parlour when she suddenly grabbed Joseph and dragged him into her room.

“She said there was a flurry of actions without words. Unfortunately, my eldest son came in while they were in the thick of action. I couldn’t send my mother away because the children genuinely love her and she is a good grandmother.

“I used to be happy and grateful to her for giving me a husband that understands how to keep a woman. My husband is indeed very good in bed, and I thank my mother for bringing him into my life. But she should not have insisted on sharing him with me.

“I like him because he asks me out, opens the door for me, pours me drinks, offers me his jacket, kisses me and says good night. So I need to be his wife all the days of my life.

“His libido is very active. His weak point is his nipples. Once you suck them, he becomes like a lion ready to devour its prey.

“He is someone that can take me on for as long as I want. His sexual prowess is not in doubt. But my mother is not allowing me to enjoy my man alone.

“How can my husband be sleeping with me and my mother? It is wrong, shameful and abominable. I am in distress and I don’t know how to handle the matter.

“It would have been better for my husband to get a girlfriend than sleep with me and my mum.

“It is very shameful and an abomination of the highest order. It is wrong of her and it will be very shameful if people get to know about it.

“When I left my mum in her room and went back to my room wondering on how to approach my husband on his return, I’m sure my mother had informed him about my approach to her.

“So when he returned to the house, he looked calm and guilt was written all over him.

“When I finally asked him about his affair with my mum, he tried to adjourn the discussion to a later date, but I insisted.

“He then sat me down and narrated how he had known my mother while I was away in school, and it was through their relationship that my mother nursed the idea of connecting us for marriage.

“Having monitored my attitude, she strongly believed that I could give her daughter the desired comfort. So whatever has happened now was not planned. Let me call it a devilish act.

“He confirmed to me that the only mistake he made was to have succumbed to the pressure from my mum. He really apologised and pleaded with me not to take it to heart no matter the level of anger.

“Although I am still grappling with this nightmare in my life, I have to control my emotions as I don’t want to leave my marriage because of this terrible thing.

“I can’t also stop my mum from visiting us. She loves my children and cares so much about them, and I’m her only daughter. I don’t actually know what to do, though my husband has been begging me to forgive and forget.

“My sickness currently is from the mind. I’m so confused. The emotional pains are too much for me to bear.”

It was also gathered that her friend asked her to let it go in the recorded conversation. She said;

“Please, don’t react angrily. It is not a matter of public consumption. Don’t let your marriage crash because of this abominable act. Think of your kids and swallow it because of them.”



Lagos Agog As Olusegun Aderiye Marks 70th Birthday Anniversary In Style




The mega city of Lagos was thrown into celebration mood as an Erudite Scholar and a quintessential broadcast journalist Rev. Dr. Olusegun Aderiye celebrated his 70th PLATINUM jubilee anniversary and book launch in style.

The event which took place on Wednesday February 14th 2024 at Airport Ikeja Lagos stated with a Public Lecture titled, “The Imperative of Peace in a Troubled World” taken by Amb. (Dr) Martins Uhomoibhi (Fmr PS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria) and the formal unveiling of: “Journey to Stardom” An Autobiography of the celebrant.

Rev Dr. Olusegun Solomon Aderiye was born on 14 February in Ekiti State, then Western Region, Nigeria.

He attended Methodist Primary School, Apaara, Oyo, 1958, Ifaki Grammar School, 1968-72, University of Lagos, 1977 and University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) 1981.

Olusegun was the Chief State House Correspondent, Nigerian Television Authority, 1985-89; Head, Current Affairs Department, African Independent Television, since 1998; Secretary, Nigerian Television Authority Ibadan Chapel.

He was a co-author of ECOMOG, Gabumo Publishing, Lagos in 1992.

Dr. Aderiye Creative Works includes Kilo Ndan Bi Wura, 1978, Awamaridi, 1979, Maje Nse 1981, My Lord is Good, 1983, What only God can do, 2023.

His National Awards are Nigeria Television Authority’s Reporter of the Year, 1983 and Nigeria Union of Journalists, since 1978.


The special guest of honour of the event was General Ibrahim Babangida GCFR (Former President of Nigeria) and Chief Bode George (Former Military Governor of Ondo State).

Dignitaries present at the event were Lagos state Governor ably represented by his commissioner of information and strategy Gbenga Omotoso, Speaker, Lagos State House of representative represented by one of the honourable members of the house, Steve Ogundipe.

Others were (Dr) Martin Uhomoibhi. Amb (Dr) Yemi Farounbi, Nigeria’s former Ambassador to the Philippines. The event was indeed an array of who is who in Nigeria.


The chairman in his remark describes the celebrant as a fine gentleman and a highly efficient, courageous and diligent media practitioner with a high sense of national patriotism and an unrepentant nationalist in broadcast journalism.

He prayed that God Almighty should continue to shower Dr. Aderiye with divine wisdom, guidance, good health, protection, prosperity and longevity, so he could continue to contribute his quota to national development in the years ahead.

Dr. Aderiye in his speech appreciates his lovely wife who shared the same birthday with him Deaconess Mary Kehinde Oluwakemi and family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances both in the physical and spiritual realms for their love, friendship and kind support all through these years.

He also thanks the VIPs, relations, friends and acquaintances who have come to honour his invitation.









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London Operation: Air Peace, Norse Atlantic Sign ACMI Agreement On Charter




Norse Atlantic Airways, yesterday, announced that it entered into an agreement with Air Peace for an ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) charter service.

This collaboration, according to the statement made available to LEADERSHIP, marks the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at providing seamless air travel solutions between London and Lagos, Nigeria.

Commencing in April 2024, the ACMI charter will operate four times a week, offering travellers convenient and reliable transportation options between these key destinations.

Norse Atlantic Airways will be using slots at London Gatwick allocated to Air Peace to facilitate this new route.

“We are thrilled to be working with Air Peace to launch this ACMI charter service between London Gatwick and Lagos. This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to leverage our expertise in charter operations to deliver a reliable and high-quality service to Air Peace and their customers,” said Bjørn Tore Larsen, CEO and Founder of Norse Atlantic Airways.

“Air Peace is delighted to have signed this partnership deal with Norse Atlantic Airways for the commencement of our London service. As we make a foray into the European market, we are confident that this strategic partnership will further position us to surpass the expectations of our customers, offering them superior air travel experience while we continue to optimise our operations for more innovative service delivery”, stated Allen Onyema, Chairman/CEO, Air Peace.

Norse Atlantic and Air Peace will continue to discuss potential longer-term partnerships between the two airlines to explore avenues for further collaboration and expansion in the future.


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N30bn To Govs: ‘My Statement Unverified’, Akpabio Recants

“The President of the Senate recognizes and appreciates the current efforts of the governors at ameliorating the adverse effects of the current inclement socio-economic environment and therefore invites more hands on the plow to complement the renewed hope agenda.”




President of the Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio, has recanted his claim that state governors received an additional N30 billion from the Federal Government to address the biting economic hardship in the country by the distribution of palliatives to Nigerians.

Recall that Akpabio made the claim on Wednesday, February 22 while the Senate considered the report of its joint Committees on Finance, Agriculture/Food Sufficiency, Banking and Insurance.

The committee had interfaced with the economic management team of the government, led by the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Mr Wale Edun, to find out what the government had done to tackle hunger, food inflation, a free-falling naira exchange rate to the US dollar, among others.

In the course of deliberations on the matter by senators, Akpabio had repeatedly stated without mincing word that each state governor received an additional N30bn from the centre to address the challenges, besides the regular allocations the states draw from the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC).

“Each of the 36 states received N30bn; they received N30bn”, he kept saying.

However, 24 hours later, governors began refuting the claim.

Prominent among them was the Governor of Akpabio’s own state, Akwa Ibom, Pastor Umo Eno, who not only said such an amount was not received by the state but also added that it was possible the Senate President was speaking with prophetic expectations.

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State also said much, dismissing Akpabio’s claim.

On Monday night, Akpabio’s office finally summoned the courage to recant his statement, saying that he acted on unverified information.

His Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Hon. Eseme Eyiboh, in a statement on Monday night, appealed for calm, saying that Akpabio held the governors in high esteem.

Eyiboh’s full statement is reproduced below: “The office of the President of the Senate has been drawn to various misconceptions in the public domain on the statement credited to the President of the Senate in plenary of Wednesday, February 21, 2024, during the presentation of a report of the joint Committees on Finance, Agriculture/Food Sufficiency, Banking and Insurance. During the session the President of the Senate commented on the payment of an unverified cumulative sum of about N30b to the sub-national governments by the Federal Government for various interventions to ameliorate the food situation of our citizens at the sub-national governments.

“The unfortunate conjectures to take away the kernel in the material facts of FAAC payment are rather regretted. In considering the well-intended motive of urging state governments to collaborate with the Federal government of President Bola Tinubu to facilitate strategic interventions to mitigate the prevailing economic situation in the country remains the underpinning motivation in the comment.

“The President of the Senate is not oblivious to the fact that State governments are functional partners in all the efforts of the current administration of President Bola Tinubu and are also valuable Stakeholders’ in the various legislative engagements of the legislature in creating the nexus between the legislature and the people.

“The President of the Senate has always demonstrated commitment to team building and shall not do less in the circumstance. He therefore urges the sub-national governments not to be distracted by any misunderstanding of the context and true meaning of the statement.

“The President of the Senate recognizes and appreciates the current efforts of the governors at ameliorating the adverse effects of the current inclement socio-economic environment and therefore invites more hands on the plow to complement the renewed hope agenda.”

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