The boys of Ibadan based Social Activist and philanthropist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as ‘ Sunday Igboho’ have continued to receive encomiums and commendation for protecting the Sanyo, Agugu Police Stations and other government’s properties in Ibadan against the destruction by hoodlums who had been identified with EndSARS’ peaceful protest.

Encomiums and commendation were coming after the boys had successfully secured the Agugu, Sanyo Police Stations and other properties against being destroyed and set them ablaze by the hoodlums.

TMnews in an exclusive interview with Sunday Igboho with intention to know whether his boys were paid before embarking on the community service of protecting the police stations and other properties, he responded that his boys were not given a dime before carrying out the notable tasks of protection of government’s properties against the hoodlums.

The philanthropist who is currently out of the country revealed that it was an instruction given to his boys that triggered their readiness and quick response to protection of Sanyo and Agugu Police Stations against the alleged criminals and hoodlums who were identified with protesters with ulterior motive to vandalize the stations and other properties in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

He said his instructions and directives to the boys were premised on pieces of information he had that the hoodlums and alleged criminals had been caught identified with the protesters whose motives and aims are quite different from EndSARS’ protest.

He said that Oyo State and Nigeria at large belong to all and it is the responsibility of all patriots and good lovers of democracy to protect the system and everything that is associated with the system of government.

Sunday Igboho added that we can’t be watching and see things being destroyed by agents of darkness whose motives are not in line with the real and identified protesters with clear mission.

He enjoined the protesters to be peaceful and law abiding in their protest to seek for their demands, adding that protest is known by democracy but needs to be refrained from violence and lawlessness.

Sunday Igboho appealed to governments to see and implement the youths’ demands which had initially triggered the uncontrollable protest and spread of violence across the country.

He said youths were very important for the development of a nation and their roles towards the national development cannot be over emphasised.