Buhari mauled by Foluke Martins.

President Buhari has been berated by Foluke Martins for increasing the pump price of petrol without giving a proper explanation for doing so

Social Media influencer, Foluke Martins has lent her voice to the latest hike in the pump price of petrol by Buhari-led administration.

The iron-lady and defender of the defenseless called out President Muhammadu Buhari for inflicting more hardship on Nigerians despite the fact that many Nigerians are still grappling with the adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

She said the new petrol price hike is a subtle way of reducing the cost being incurred by Nigerian goverment on fuel subsidy.

She said on her FB page:


Assuming the recent hike is about deregulation. Where is the list of prospective private companies to carry on with the importation? When government go about doing things haphazardly then there’s more to what we know on the surface.

Don’t be fooled what is on going is a systematic price hike to reduce the cost of government subsidy.

They will keep moving the prices and costs. Its not about deregulation. Let this sink”