Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has opened up on how he was allegedly manhandled by security agents from the police, DSS and others in their effort to force him out the Emir palace and banish him to Nasarawa state after his dethronement by the Kano state government.

The former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria who insisted that he wasn’t given a fair hearing before being dethroned in the lawsuit he filed on Thursday March 12 to challenge his detention and confinement in Awe, said that he was harassed and forced out of the palace without being allowed to pick up his personal belongings.

Sanusi accused the Kano State Commissioner of Police of putting out an order for him to be flown to Abuja without his family members in another aircraft.

The deposed Emir’s Chief of Staff, Da Buram Kano said in an affidavit attached to the lawsuit;

“I verily believe the state government purportedly removed the applicant from office as the Emir Kano on March 9, 2020 without any basis or justification whatsoever and was not given any hearing on any allegation on which his removal was predicated.

“The applicant is however, not challenging his removal as Emir of Kano in this suit.”

“Sanusi’s forcible relocation from the Palace of the Emir of Kano to Abuja, and later Nasarawa State, he has not been able to meet or unite with his wives, children, relatives and friends and that his rights have been severely curtailed.

“I know for a fact that the CP refused the applicant’s requests for protection and to carry his family with him to Lagos and stated that he had no such instructions from above, but instead directed that the applicant be flown to Abuja and then taken to Nasarawa State.

“In order not to jeopardise his safety or the safety of any member of his family or indeed other persons around, the applicant cooperated and proceeded in the vehicles provided by officers under the command of the respondents.

“They said the Commissioner of Police, along with other officers under the command of the respondents, harassed and rushed the applicant out of the Emir Palace, Kano, without letting him take any personal belongings and personal effects, along with him as they took him into their waiting vehicles.

“The applicant was then taken in company with loads of armed men, being officers under the command of the respondents, to the Nigerian, Air Force Base in Kano where he was put in a private aircraft to Abuja and departed Kano at about 6.40pm.

“The applicant was separated from his family who were also carried out of the palace.

“Upon arrival at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, he was conveyed first to Lafia, then to Loko area of Nasarawa State, after being driven for about seven hours in the dead of the night.

“On March 10, 2020, he was taken back to Lafia and from there to Awe in Nasarawa State.

“That the applicant is personally being detained in Nasarawa State by agents of the first and second respondents (IG and DG of the DSS), purporting to carry out the orders of the third and fourth respondents (Muktar and Malami).

“Sanusi has not been alleged to be a threat to peace and security but rather cooperated with the officers under the command of the respondents, and has since his travails under the hand of the officers under the command of the respondents issued public statement of peace for order, for reconciliation, for cooperation with the new Emir and the avoidance of any security breach or conflict.”

Sanusi also asked the court to order the respondents to pay him N50m as damages for the unlawful and unconstitutional arrest and detention, and also publish an unreserved written apology in at least three national dailies for a breach of his fundamental human rights.

The dethroned monarch also sought for a restraining order against the respondents and their agents from banishing him from Kano or any other place of his choice, which according to him will be a violation of his fundamental right to reside in any part of Nigeria.

Recall that Justice Anwuili Chikere of the Federal High Court in Abuja ordered the immediate release of dethroned Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from confinement/detention in Awe community in Nasarawa state on Friday March 13. The case was subsequently adjourned to March 26 for further hearing.

The respondents to the application are, the Inspector-General of Police, Muhammed Adamu; the Director General of the Department of State Service, Yusuf Bichi; the Attorney-General of Kano State, Ibrahim Muktar, and the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami, SAN.


  1. People now reap what the works of their hands in this world. He might not have done anything wrong now but go through this account of his deeds while he was the CBN Governor:[3/14, 8:17 AM] ISRAEL MORADEYO: Lesson for all The Southerners: Beware of Sanusi

    To all the Southerners expressing their opinions for or against Sanusi, I say take it easy. Let us siddon, buy popcorn and coke and be watching this movie. There might be more to this than meets the eye. Whether this crisis is real or not, one thing I know about the North is that they never lose sight of their true goal or do anything to sabotage it: Total domination of Nigeria is their only ambition. When it comes to that, they stand together and they plan far ahead.

    Under Obasanjo, with Okonji-Iweala as Finance Minister, and Soludo as CBN Governor, Southern Banks became very powerful, financing infrastructural and economic growth not only in Southern Nigeria but even in other African countries. Nigeria was on the way to becoming a true financial and economic powerhouse for the Black World. Southern Banks were a threat to Foreign Capital (West, Middle East and Far East) and also a threat to the Northern hegemonic plans.

    When Sanusi was made CBN Governor under Yar’Adua, the first thing he did was to target Southern Banks and begin to weaken them one after the other under the guise of fighting corruption. At the same time he reopened the door for foreign as well as Islamic financial capital. He effectively conducted an economic jihad that halted the advance of the South and put the North back in a favorable strategic position.

    Now 2023 is coming –

    The North has realized one thing: NIGERIA IS RIPE FOR CHANGE! The Northern strategists would prefer that the modernizing of Nigeria takes place under a Northerner than under a Southerner. So they have to present a viable Northern candidate for that. This is where Sanusi comes into the picture.

    If you study Sanusi’s actions, you will see that he is deeply pro-North and anti-South in a very intelligent progressive way. Sanusi understands what it takes to make the North overtake and dominate the South IN EVERY WAY in a modern world.

    But when you hear him talk you will think he is a detribalised pan-Nigerian government critic, which is why so many Southerners foolishly support him.

    The North understand that Sanusi would be more valuable to them as the President of Nigeria than as the Emir of Kano. He would not only help the North to overtake the South systemically and on all possible levels. He would also modernize Nigeria, so that the credit for the modernization of Nigeria will go to a Northerner. The Northern future-planners would rather have Sanusi in a position to become the President of Nigeria.


    Exactly my own I thinking. Any southerner that does not see this wicked Islamic jihadist being re-positioned is dreaming. Sanusi destroyed southern banks, drove away their CEOs and jailed some. Erastus Akingbola built Intercontinental Bank from the scratch and Sanusi took it from him while he ran for his life. Sanusi was a terror working with his people in the EFCC. The story had it that Saraki wanted Akingbola to buy Societe Generale Bank which he looted into coma and he refused. Saraki then approached Sanusi who was his classmate at Kings College, Lagos to use his position as The CBN Governor to destroy Intercontinental Bank and Akingbola. Sanusi then looked for a reason to do the job.

    That was how he came up with the hoax audit report which he used to destroy Southern banks. Those banks were not in distress at all. Access Bank was dying under the management of Sanusi’s friend. Intercontinental Bank was then handed over to him for survival. Access Bank used Intercontinental Bank money to buy Intercontinental. Cecilia Ibru who built Oceanic Bank was dispossessed and jailed. Sanusi appointed his friends who ran down their banks to be the new managers of the Southern banks he claimed were distressed. Good logic does not permit handing over distressed banks to former bad managers if not for an agenda.

    You may not have heard that Tony Elumelu refused to employ Sanusi at UBA before First Bank employed him. He rose in First Bank to MD because of the FGN’s controlling share. From there he became the CBN Governor. He didn’t forget or forgive Tony. That was why he came up with the 7yrs maximum term for Bank CEOs to get back at Tony. We have a wicked Islamic jihadist being let lose. Remember El Rufai saying that Fulanis neither forgive nor forget. Sanusi is a typical Fulani.

    Sanusi introduced the law that Bank CEOs cannot stay beyond 7yrs. If they can’t run their businesses for more than 7yrs, why are people like Dangote running theirs beyond 7yrs? He destroyed Southern banks and introduced Islamic banking because Southern banks were strengthening southern Christian economy. Where in the world do you run a business without making profit or charging interest? Buhari is borrowing from the international finance community and will pay interest but will use Southern resources to run an interest free Islamic bank. The South must wake up before it’s too late.

    The North hates The South in every aspect and will do everything to pull them down, but Southern leaders are blind and not thinking. The North is out to frustrate and slow down The South by all means. Sanusi is and intelligent man but an economic Boko Haram against The South. The same way Buhari canceled the Lagos State metro line to slow down Southwest development was how Sanusi used his powers at The CBN to destroy Southern economy. He is still coming. Only splitting the country will save The South. The North have been marketing Sanusi with his eloquent speeches but with a sinister agenda. Southerners seem to be carried away by his eloquent speeches but he is a very dangerous man. We warned Southerners against Buhari but they didn’t listen. Another intelligent Buhari whom I will call Ahithophel is coming and they will still fall prey.

    24hrs after his dramatic dethronement, El Rufai his fellow jihadist has offered him The VP of Kaduna State investment project. Sanusi has not fallen, he is rising. The South are thoughtless in many ramifications. The same educated Islamic jihadist who beheaded Gideon Akaluka also beheaded the Southern economy when he had the opportunity. The North sees him as their hatchet man. They are coming.


    If you like read this exposé, if you like ignore it and repeat the same tragic mistake of 2015.

    Weep Not For Sanusi Lamido Sanusi: He is Part of the Dangerous Elite Conspiracy That Imprisoned Nigeria

    1. To be clear, I am not fan of the thieving Kano State governor Umar Ganduje. The fact that a man with Mr Ganduje’s odious record remains governor further confirms my theory that the average African is in love with bad leadership, unable to resist tyranny and cannot fight against situations he does not like.

    2. I have long held the belief that blacks are largely different from whites and the difference is far beyond skin pigmentation. The black man’s intellect may be different from the White man’s and you can see the difference in what obtains in both worlds.

    3. Because the white man would prefer to die protesting than sit idle and allow a character like Ganduje remain in the blighted governorship seat in Kano, their society is better, their standard of living is higher and they are able to follow their dreams while the millions who worship Ganduje and his type remain in abject, unspeakable poverty.

    4. While I detest everything Ganduje represents, I must now make an exception. The removal of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from a post he ought not to have occupied in the first place is something that sits very well with me and the so many people who watched his naked dance in the public square during his time as CBN governor.

    5. I laugh when people attribute intelligence or courage to Mr Sanusi. Truth is he has none of those attributes. He is an average administrator whose rise to power has more to do with primordial considerations than any personal attribute.

    6. Pray, what landmark policy initiatives did Mr Sanusi introduce during his time as CBN governor? What exactly did he do to strengthen the financial institutions in the country? Do you think it was right to have liquidated and sold off the assets of a few banks he had problems with their CEOs? Everyone knew his problem with Erastus Akingbola, Cecelia Ibru and all others. He only used his position to even scores with former bank CEOs who beat him in a fiercely competitive market while he ran First Bank.

    7. It was speculated at the time that his targets were Zenith and UBA but the MD of those banks- Jim Ovia and Tony Elumelu got wind of it and moved quickly to stop him in his track. Many who understood the reigning intrigues in the financial ecosystem at the time were positive that the closure of five banks in one fell swoop was a punitive measure put in place to destroy institutions built by others and hand them over to those who claimed that they lost out of the banking system restructuring regime of the CC Soludo erathat

    8. Pray, who owns Keystone Bank today? Who did AMCON sell the four other banks acquired by CBN in 2009 to? You may wish to find out the ethnic identity of the new owners and their connections to the northern oligarchs. Remember also that at the time, Unity Bank was in far worse condition than the banks Sanusi took over. If he was honest, why did he leave out Unity Bank? Think about it.

    9. So do not for a second delude yourself into thinking that the man was a reformer for he was not. He was used by those who felt that their region lost in the 2004 banking consolidation era to even the scores and reflect “federal character” in the ownership of banks.

    10. Now consider one of the most outrageous and nonsensical claims made by Mr Sanusi during his time as CBN governor. The claim the $20 billion went missing from the national treasury was one that could have been laughed off in sane societies where people have the capacity to reason and ask critical questions. But in Nigeria, gullibility reign supreme and such traits as curiosity, probing beneath the surface are often missing. So hypocrites and liars like Mr Sanusi would always have little difficulty manipulating public opinion.

    11. According to former finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, that baseless allegation by Sanusi was one of the immediate and remote factors that brought down the Jonathan administration. If Sanusi’s interest had been on finding the “missing funds,” he would have discussed it with his supervising minister and the president without writing and leaking his own letters to the press as speculated.

    12. Many commentators have been heaping praises on Mr Sanusi for “speaking out” against anti- development practices in the north. The man was being plainly deceitful. Recall that he married a girl younger than some of his own children at the same time he was criticising child marriage in the north. So much for the anti-child marriage campaigner.

    13. Pray, have you ever read Mr Sanusi openly condemn members of the Islamic Boko Haram terrorist group? Has he said anything about under-age voting in the north? What has he said about the bloated population figures of the north? Or do you think Kano has more people than the entire Saudi Arabia as the authorities in Nigeria estimate?

    14. Was Sanusi not among those whose conspiracy theories and wild political claims turned the masses against Jonathan and led the gullible into voting the calamitous Buhari in 2015?

    14b. Do you want to tell me that Sanusi was ignorant of Buhari’s intellectual deficit? Was he unaware of his cognitive disabilities? Was it not obvious to him that Buhari was a walking disaster and yet, prodded the voters into electing him?

    14c. How can a man who worked for a Buhari presidency be considered a patriot? I consider his type, along with Nasir El Rufai, Chukwuma Soludo, Pat Utomi, Festus Odumegwu and Rewane Bismarck as traitors, men who deliberately led their people over the edge of the cliff just to spit a man they did not like.

    15. As CBN governor, the bulk of CBN intervention in schools were concentrated in northern schools. The same thing Buhari did in his time as ETF chairman. I am not aware of how many millions Sanusi’s CBN gave for infrastructure in UNN, FUTO or UNIUYO. Yet, he gave tons of millions to almost every federal university in the north. Is that your portrait of a fair minded person?

    16. What is my business in Kano traditional politics you may ask. Well, I have none honestly but then, I have an obligation as a public commentator to offer an opinion on matters that catch my fancy in the public domain. My intervention today is to tell us a few things many younger audience may not know about the man who could run for presidency tomorrow as an anti- establishment candidate. Do not believe the bunkum. The man is a dyed in the wool ethnic chauvinist, a member of the northern oligarch that has kept Nigeria on its knees for ages.

    17. Why is Sanusi always accused of corruption wherever he goes? As CBN Governor, he was suspended over allegations of corruption and misappropriation of funds. As Emir of Kano, the man also found a way of repeating the same mistake that got him booted out as CBN boss. Think about it.

    18. I will end by encouraging everyone interested in understanding the chaotic political system in Nigeria to make a habit of reading wildly. Don’t just read current events. Read history. Talk to those who know and you will learn a lot.

    19. Now go and find out what you can about a certain Igbo Christian trader who was beheaded in Kano in December 1996. Find out if Sanusi has any connection with his murder.

    20. Find out what Sanusi thinks of the 1966-1970 pogrom, the death of Igbo officers in the hands of their Hausa-Fulani, Benue-Plateau- Kogi colleagues. Does his views represent the thoughts of an enlightened mind?