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Mewoloka’s Family Reacts To Blogging Activities On Social Media



The family of Mewoloka has reacted to her blogging actrivities on social media.

The Fasakin extended family has threatened legal action against anyone who links them to social media influencer “Mewoloka’s” activities.

The family in a statement issued by the well-known Nigerian skit creator’s siblings and signed by the Bobaseye of Isolo Ijesa, Chief Akinyemi Fasakin, the public is urged to relate to Omolola Abosede Fasakin on social media without bringing up her scandalised family.

Mewoloka’s brothers and sister described the Fasakin dynasty as a noble family in Ijesaland, emphasizing that their parents, who were both teachers in their previous lives, left behind a decent life.

They also emphasised that they would not put up with any kind of disrespect from her online fans and followers.

Below is the full press statement:

Re: Statement Regarding Mewolaka’s (Omolola Abosede Fasakin) Blogging Activities: Our Family’s Position

We, the siblings of Mewolaka, have been closely following her blogging activities on social media. While we appreciate her creativity, which stems from the inherited intelligence passed down to us by our late parents (may their souls rest in peace), we feel it is important to make our stance known as her family.

Allow us to provide some background on our family. We come from a middle-class background, and our late parents were dedicated teachers. They provided us with the best they could, ensuring that we never went to bed on an empty stomach. We grew up in a stable home and had access to a good education, instilling in us the value of contentment.

Unfortunately, our family has been subjected to unwarranted attacks, insults, and assaults from individuals we have never had any contact with, solely because of Mewolaka’s activities on social media. Therefore, we want to clarify that she does not represent our family, and we distance ourselves from her actions. We have made efforts to advise her to be mindful of her activities on social media, but as an adult, she has the right to be responsible for her own actions under the Constitution.

We kindly request that you perceive Mewolaka as an individual and understand that any cyberbullying towards our family will be taken seriously and may result in legal action, after consulting with our family lawyer. Just as a tiger does not boast of its strength but pounces when necessary, we believe enough is enough.

Our family has already suffered enough damage and psychological trauma from something we have no knowledge of nor encoura

We wish Mewolaka and all her followers the best of luck.

Thank you all.


Oloye Akinyemi Olusegun Fasakin

Bobaseye of Isolo-ljesa

On behalf of the family


Corps Com. Akinwumi Oladapo Fasakin

Akinlabi Obasanjo Fasakin

Titilayo Fasakin-Adeoye

General Public.



Annie Idibia Responds To Mockery Of Her Marriage To 2Baba




Annie Idibia has addressed a public perception, following a TikTok video mocking her marriage to legendary singer 2Baba.

A TikToker’s video went viral where she laughed uncontrollably after calling Annie “God’s strongest soldier” and asked for prayers for her.

In response, Annie shared a motivational quote on Instagram. The quote emphasized that people often judge others based on their own perspectives, which may not reflect the truth about them.

“People see you in one light or another, depending on the way they think and the way they see. It has nothing to do with the truth of who you really are,” Annie wrote in her Instagram post.



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VIDEO: I Had My Only Child At 40 With One Fallopian Tube – Ayo Mogaji




Veteran actress Ayo Mogaji has shared the inspiring story of becoming a mother at 40 despite having only one fallopian tube.

She revealed in an interview with Biola Adebayo that her first pregnancy was ectopic, resulting in the removal of one fallopian tube.

An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg implants and develops outside the usual space within the uterus.

Typically, this occurs in a fallopian tube, where eggs normally travel from the ovaries to the uterus, resulting in what is known as a tubal pregnancy.

Against the odds, she conceived naturally with her remaining tube and gave birth six weeks after her 40th birthday.

“There was this lawyer who wanted to marry me because he had been in a marriage for 14 years and they never had a child. He took me to his mum and I was looking for a child that period. Our mothers were introduced and I got pregnant.

“Unfortunately, the pregnancy was ectopic. It stayed right inside the fallopian tube and LUTH was on strike at that time. So, by the time we realised what was happening, they took me to seven hospitals and the late Uncle Ede Aderinokun was the one who gave me a note to the hospital where they admitted me.

“They didn’t even want to admit me. The doctor said he wasn’t sure if I could survive till tomorrow and I said “Do you believe in God? Even if you do not believe in God, believe in me because I believe in God. We did not have an agreement that I was going to die like this.’ They did the operation and it took them seven to nine hours the following day.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, the ectopic pregnancy ruptured before they could do anything and it ruptured my appendix, so they had to remove one fallopian tube. I am living with one and I had my child through natural birth with that one I have left.”

Mogaji also opened up about her abusive marriage, which lasted for 13 years.

She advised women to escape abusive relationships, emphasising that no one deserves to suffer mental and physical torture.

“When matrimony leads you to a place where you can’t have your own friends, the family can not come, you will start looking at them somehow, even knowing the kind of job you were in before you got married. The reaction at home, the abusive language, the physical abuse, the mental torture; when it gets too much, I will advise anybody to get out of that kind of marriage because otherwise, they may come and meet your candle.”

While she harbors no ill feelings towards her ex-husband, she believes reconciliation is unlikely due to his jealousy and complex issues.

“There can’t be room. If I could tolerate that thing for 13 years thinking there could be a change, then there can never be change. He is not a bad person but when you are too jealous and have a complex, it is very hard. It can’t work. You can try to make your marriage work, yes you can try,” she said.



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Yul Edochie’s Ex-Wife, May Joins Nollywood




May, the estranged wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has also joined the movie industry.

She made her Nollywood debut in Omoni Oboli’s upcoming thriller ‘WivesOnStrike 3: The Uprising.’

An elated May took to her Instagram page to announce her foray into the film industry while sharing a promotional clip of the movie.

She wrote: “@omonioboli called and I answered.

This is one movie I am very excited about this year. I can’t wait for you all to see it. The Uprising Is Near!

“The countdown has begun. #TheUprising #WivesOnStrike3 is going to be epic.”

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