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Expectant Mum Of Nine Allegedly Kills Woman Over Bunch Of Plantain

An expectant mother, Esther Godday, has been arrested by the Rivers State Police Command for allegedly stabbing one Mrs. Imeran Idema to death.



An expectant mother, Esther Godday, has been arrested by the Rivers State Police Command for allegedly stabbing one Mrs. Imeran Idema to death.

Godday, a mother of nine children, allegedly killed Idema for trying to stop her from fleeing with a bunch of plantains she stole from a plantation.

Esther got married to her husband, Mr. Godday, in 2010, and together, they have nine children, while expecting the tenth as she was eight months pregnant at the time she was taken into custody by the Police.

It was gathered that Mr. God­day had been unemployed for several years and hardly spent time at home, preferring to leave the house in the morning and re­turn late at night. This heaved the responsibility of sustaining the home to Esther, who shared with the Police that none of her children were in school.

On Wednesday, January 28, 2024, Esther Godday had, in her customary way, left her kids at home and went into town in their little village of Agada in Abua to forage for anything that could serve as food.

Agada residents are primar­ily farmers, and the village has plantations littered around it, run by family groups.

Esther was said to have discreetly entered one of the plantations, a plantain planta­tion, and quickly harvested a whole bunch and made to make away with it. As she attempted to sneak past one of the exit points of the plantation, she was sighted by the family member on duty at the plantation, Mrs. Imeran Idema. Imeran, machete in hand, immediately accosted her and asked her to surrender the bunch.

“Drop that plantain” Imeran was said to have shouted as she approached Esther, who also had a sharp machete with which she had illegally harvested the bunch of plantains.

She thought about the consequences on her hungry children if she handed the bunch to Imeran and refused to acquiesce to her demands.

She instead bolted towards another exit. Imeran ran after her, and as she gained on the fleeing woman, she threatened to use the machete on her. The threats made Esther stop running and face her.

An altercation ensued, which led to Imeran landing a blow on Esther’s right foot, giving her a gash. Esther dropped the bunch and launched attacks with her own machete. She hit out with the machete, giving two signifi­cant cuts on Imeran’s head and shoulder.

As Imeran collapsed in pain, Esther quickly left the scene, abandoning the bunch of plantains and fled. Members of Imeran’s family who heard her screams came to her aid, took her for medical treatment, and reported the case to the Police.

The Police arrested Esther and, after questioning her, re­leased her to receive medical attention for the cut on her foot. She was rearrested two days lat­er, and when she got to the Police station, she got the information that Imeran had died. Esther, who has been charged to court, expressed her remorse and re­gret to the Police while she was in custody and said she prayed daily, wishing the deed could be undone.

In reaction to the case of Esther, the Commissioner of Police, Rivers State Police Com­mand, CP Olatunji Rilwan Disu, stated that people need to think carefully before making life choices. He also charged heads of households to procreate within their means and to lead responsible lives.

CP Disu also highlighted the dangers of responding to our emotions. He warned that a crime will always be met with justice regardless of the prevail­ing circumstances.



Photos: Lagos, Ogun Police Begin Joint Patrol Of Kara bridge




The Lagos State Police Command has announced that it has commenced a joint patrol with its Ogun State counterparts.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, announced this on his X handle on Thursday.

The joint patrol will cover the stretch from Kara Bridge to Sagamu interchange.

He wrote: “As part of efforts to enhance security on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Lagos State Police Command and its Ogun State counterpart have commenced joint patrols of Kara Bridge to Sagamu Interchange.

“The patrol teams from the Lagos State Command will comprise mainly the Rapid Response Squad (RRS).

“Motorists are, therefore, enjoined not to panic at the sight of increased police patrols, particularly the RRS, as it is a proactive measure to prevent crime and criminality on this stretch of road.”


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Vigilantes Thwart Abduction Of Sagamu-Based Businessman In Katsina Community

The vigilantes were like our guardians in that moment of crisis. They engaged the bandits in a fierce gunfight that seemed to last forever. It was a battle between good and evil right on our doorstep.




The serenity of Dangani, a quiet community in Katsina State’s Musawa Local Government Area, was disrupted on Thursday night by gunfire and the desperate pleas of terrified residents.

According to DAILY POST reports,  an attack by heavily armed bandits, targeting a prominent Sagamu-based businessman, Alhaji Muntari Dan-Ifon threw the village into chaos.

Yet, amid the fear, a beacon of courage emerged through the local vigilante group.

The members of the vigilante, who engaged in a fierce gunfight that lasted over an hour, thwarted the bandits’ abduction attempt, protecting not only Alhaji Dan-Ifon but also the entire community.

The attack began under the veil of the night, with a large group of bandits reportedly infiltrating the village on foot, maneuvering through the village’s farm lands.

Their target: Alhaji Muntari Dan-Ifon, a Sagamu-based businessman, was visiting Dangani to offer condolences for a family member’s passing.

Little did he know his presence would spark a nightmarish ordeal.

Eyewitnesses vividly recounted the terrifying events, emphasising the brazen nature of the assailants.

“We heard the gunshots erupt suddenly, shattering the stillness of the night,” recounted a resident who witnessed the attack.

“Panic gripped everyone as we scrambled to understand what was happening. Then, we saw them – armed men, moving through the village,” he added.

The bandits, with audacity, headed towards Alhaji Dan-Ifon’s location. However, the valiant Dangani vigilantes rose to the occasion, displaying unwavering determination to protect their community. Armed and ready, they intercepted the bandits before they could reach Alhaji Dan-Ifon’s residence.

The ensuing gunfight was intense.

“It was like something out of a movie,” another resident of the community who witnessed the attack said.

“With a deep sense of community responsibility, the local vigilantes stood their ground against the heavily armed attackers,” another eyewitness narrated.

“The vigilantes were like our guardians in that moment of crisis. They engaged the bandits in a fierce gunfight that seemed to last forever. It was a battle between good and evil right on our doorstep.

“The intense gunfight lasted over an hour, with the local vigilantes successfully preventing the bandits from reaching their primary target.

“Thanks to the bravery and quick response of the vigilante group. Their fierce resistance forced the bandits to abandon their primary objective. Amidst the chaos, they managed to safely relocate him and his family to a secure location,” he added.

While the heroic efforts of local vigilantes prevented his abduction, the incident has cast a long shadow of suspicion, raising troubling questions about the role of informants within the community.

“Some of the informants in the area were reportedly killed in the past, while others have since fled.

“There are still more informants within the community who are yet to be identified or discovered,” a local source stated.

Despite the vigilantes’ success in protecting Alhaji Dan-Ifon, trouble was far from over.

The frustrated bandits unleashed their anger on the community, resorting to sporadic gunfire and kidnapping at least eight individuals, primarily young men.

One of the victims was a student from the Government Day Secondary School Dangani.

This incident marks the latest chapter in a series of over 20 assaults that have plagued the Dangani community recently.

“We are living in constant fear,” lamented Sani Abubakar, a parent from the community.

“We don’t know who will be next. Fear has crippled our community, and our children’s education is at stake with teachers fleeing our community.

“We are left with the locals who obviously do not have sufficient manpower to provide quality education,” he lamented.

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Lagos: House Help Steals Employer’s $51,000 3 Days After Being Employed

“Only three days into her employment, she absconded with $51,000 USD and fled with her husband to Cross River State.




A domestic worker, Blessing Effiong, has been arrested by operatives of the Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Zone 2, Onikan, for allegedly stealing her boss’s $51,000 (approximately N81.6 million).

Blessing was arrested with her husband, Bassey Effiong, by detectives of the Zonal Criminal Investigation Department (ZCID), who trailed them to Cross River State where they fled to after committing the alleged crime in Lekki, Lagos.

According to the Zonal Police Public Relations Officer (ZPPRO), SP Ayuba Umma, the couple conspired and committed the offence on December 26, barely three days after Blessing started working as a domestic help at the owner’s Lekki residence.

Umma, in a statement yesterday, said the couple was arrested on January 31, adding that they already used the money to acquire properties for themselves.

Asked who the owner of the money was and whether he/she was interrogated for hoarding such amount of foreign currency at home, Umma answered in the negative, stressing that the information he provided was all he knew.

“Blessing Effiong was recommended for employment by an agent named Anthony and began working as a domestic employee on December 23, 2023.

“Only three days into her employment, she absconded with $51,000 USD and fled with her husband to Cross River State.

“Following intensive investigation, both suspects were apprehended on January 31, 2024.

“During the investigation, it was revealed that Blessing Effiong had approached Anthony under false pretences, providing misleading contact information and using registered phone numbers not associated with her identity.

“She failed to complete her employment application form, indicating her fraudulent intentions.

“Despite initially denying the full extent of stealing, Blessing Effiong eventually confessed to stealing Thirty Thousand United States Dollars ($30,000 USD), admitting to giving Twenty Thousand United States Dollars ($20,000 USD) to her husband, Bassey Effiong.

“Bassey Effiong in turn confessed to receiving the stolen funds, part of which he used for settling his late mother’s medical bills, purchasing a tipper truck, two motorcycles, and completing a construction project in Cross River State.

“Both suspects have been charged and brought before the court following the completion of the investigation under the directive of the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 2 Command. AIG Olatoye A. Durosinmi.

“AIG Durosinmi encourages members of the public to exercise vigilance and conduct thorough background checks before hiring domestic staff for their safety and to prevent falling victim to criminal elements,” Umma said.


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