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2023: We Are Sending Sanwo-Olu Out Of Office, Says Ambode



The Lagos State former governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, through his campaign group, Akinwunmi Ambode Campaign Organisation (AMCO), has concluded plans to determine who becomes the All Progressives Congresses (APC) governorship candidate and that which succeeds the incumbent governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, during 2023 election in the state.

Aside from the governorship seat, Ambode and his supporters have also indicated that they were prepared to determine APC members that represent Lagos at both Senate and House of Representatives as well as members that would occupy the State’s House of Assembly after next year’s election across Lagos.

The former governor group’s aim is to challenge the current structure in Lagos and take over the mantle of leadership and said that Sanwo-Olu’s endorsement by the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) and others did not indicate APC members’ stance since the GAC was not recognised by the party at the national level.

They added that the stance was from GAC and not a total reflection of APC members, just as they described the GAC as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that was not recognised by the party’s constitution.

The chairman of AMCO and former Commissioner for Energy and Mineral resources, Wale Oluwo, disclosed their plans and stressed that 2022 primaries would be different from that which was conducted in 2018, resulting in Ambode’s removal from office.

During the programme anchored by Reuben Abati, a former presidential spokesperson, on a Lagos-based radio station, Oluwo said Ambode is seriously interested in what happens in Lagos and has indicated readiness to stand by his ideals.

Oluwo disclosed that AMCO would present aspirants that would contest for all elective offices including governorship, and challenge the existing structure within the Lagos APC.

He disclosed that feasibility studies have been conducted and that their outcome showed Lagosians were not getting dividends of democracy under the present administration as against what was obtained during the previous administration in the state.

“Performance for performance, the administration of Sanwo-Olu cannot be compared to what Ambode achieved. You have to start with security and infrastructure, we can show a lot of things now. But for this government, well this is not the time to start tearing ourselves apart.

While disclosing that he had returned to APC after a change in leadership of its National Working Committee (NWC) and the disposition of the national chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, to ideals of internal democracy, Oluwo hinted the major plan was to return power to members as against some individuals determining activities within APC.

According to him, what we have in Lagos APC is that a particular group has monopolized everything without considering others. I am happy to be back and Governor Ambode is interested in what would happen in Lagos during 2023 general election. And that interest aligns with the interest of the people.

“The way that the GAC sponsored its candidate is the same way that we will do that for our own candidate too. And members of the party will have the option of determining which of the candidates, either AMCO or GAC, they will like to vote for. We acknowledge that Sanwo-Olu has picked his nomination form, the AMCO candidate will also do his own. And the primary will happen.

“For AMCO, we are participating at all levels of the election. From Governorship to the House of Assembly. We will field candidates for all positions. Our candidate will not be Akinwunmi Ambode. That is not where we are going. We will present our own aspirant and he would challenge the governor for the seat in Lagos.

“The process of presenting our own candidate is almost concluded and I can assure you that by early next week, that candidate will be announced. The GAC is only promoting their own interest by announcing Sanwo-Olu’s as their candidate”.

A Chieftain of the party in Lagos, who did not want his name in print, said that if one sample opinions of members and residents of Lagos, the revelations may sweep one off his feet.

According to him, the Sanwo-Olu administration has not met the aspirations of Lagosians and I am afraid that the party may be defeated if we field in Sanwo-Olu due to the issues surrounding the administration particularly the shooting at the Lekki tollgate during EndSARS protest.

“Many of us have embarked on steps to measure performances of the incumbent administration. And doing that, we had gone to sample opinions of the people and it was discovered that the administration has not performed as expected”, the chieftain added.

Meanwhile, he has thrown his weight behind the stance of AMCO that no one should be given an automatic ticket, rather they should allow members to decide who to become APC flagbearer for the election.

The party elder added that it would bring fair competition among members that have indicated interest to contest on APC platform and everyone would battle to get the support of the party members, unlike the existing plan.

The chieftain stressed that dozens of members’ ambitions have been truncated due to the current arrangement within the Lagos APC and that it was time that the policy change and the leadership give everyone opportunities to test their strength.

Another member from the Sanwo-Olu’s camp told our correspondent that GAC’s endorsement is important and that it represents the positions of members since the composition of the council includes APC leaders across the state who were close to grassroots members.

He added that the endorsement reflects that Sanwo-Olu’s administration worked more than the Ambode and it is evident across Lagos, especially in the rail projects, and other programmes as well as policies initiated by the current administration.



My Dad Asked Me To Kill Him – Man Arrested For Hacking His Father To Death In Ogun Says




A 38-year-old man identified as Matthew Ifeanyichukwu Onadike who was recently arrested for macheting his octogenarian father, Pa Anthony Onadike, to death, has said that he carried out the act to satisfy his father’s request.

Matthew who was apprehended by the Ogun State Community, Social Orientation and Safety Corps, codenamed So-Safe, and handed over to Sango divisional headquarters of Ogun State Police Command, said his father had told him severally that he wanted peace of mind, which he interpreted to mean the old man asking to be killed.

So-Safe Corps, in a statement, had disclosed how its officers were called and informed of the suspect killing his biological father, Pa Onadike, by inflicting several machete cuts on his head. Though the octogenarian was rushed to a hospital, the doctor who attended to him on arrival at the hospital confirmed him dead.

Matthew was said to have resisted arrest but was eventually subdued and taken into custody. During preliminary investigation, he claimed that it was his father’s refusal to give him the N70,000 he kept with him since 2022 that made him commit the murder.

He said his parents advised him to quit his job. However, after quitting his job, his parents refused to cater for him.

“I was working in a company at Ajao Estate. However, problem arose when my parents asked me to leave the job and come back home. In August 2021, my father came to where I was living in Oshodi, Lagos. He told me to give him rest by coming home.

I was very angry because I didn’t understand why he wanted me to kill him. He ran as I pursued him to leave my room. I stopped going to our family’s residence in Sango, Ogun State, and whenever I was in that area, I avoided my father. If I saw him, I would take another way. I was seeing my mother only.

One day, I came to see my mother and she told me to do my father’s bid. After some time, my father called my office and I observed some changes. In September 2021, my landlady also told me not to pay house rent again, asking me to move out. I was not owing the landlady any money but there used to be quarrels between me and other tenants. I lived in that house in Oshodi for eight years.

My work place also started reducing the salary I was being paid. When I observed all the changes, I called my father and told him what I was experiencing. He said he had told me to pack my belongings and return home. My brother came and assisted me in packing on December 31 that year. My father was not around when I got to our house, and when he came in, we hugged each other. He reminded me of what he discussed with me and we almost quarreled again.

In January 2022, I gave my father N20,000 to keep for me. In August, I gave him another N50,000. I also kept N20,000 with my mother. By then, I had stopped working. I was so stressed but my father kept telling me that I should do what he asked me to do to him.

In November 2022, I asked my father to give me the money with him for me to start selling robber footwear but he denied having my money. In January this year, I noticed that he truly wanted me to kill him. One day, I called my mother to discuss the negative trend in our family. My elder brother had died.

She told me that she knew of my father’s request, saying that was why he didn’t want to give me my money, as an act of provocation. Later, she also denied my giving the money to my father. I was tired of sitting at home. I went to a bakery to work but my mother told the business owner to sack me. She said I should just be at home, saying that she would be taking care of my needs.

By then, I was under pressure. I was not allowed to work, and when I asked for money, I was not given. I fought with my father and seriously injured him. However, he said that injuring him was not enough as he wanted me to kill him. I went to Sango police station to report what was happening. I stood outside and told police officers in a loud voice that my father wanted me to kill him. They didn’t let me in but brought me to Eleweran in Abeokuta. I went back home when we didn’t see the person the police brought me to.

On August 28, I was in my room with the plantain I went to cut in our backyard farm. I wanted to sell it and use the money to feed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any buyer. When I asked my mother for money to eat, she gave me N700. My father came home and saw that I had cut two bunches of plantain. He asked me why I did so without informing him. He threatened to pick a cutlass and cut down all the plantain trees. He said I should kill him like he had been telling me.

We dragged the issue as I held him, but I later went to my room.

While I was there, my father started banging on the door of my room, shouting that I should come out and kill him. That was when I picked the cutlass I used in cutting the plantain and started inflicting machete cuts on his head. People around heard what was happening and rushed to our house. I locked the backyard door when the community people asked me to come out. When they insisted, I went out to meet them. That was how So Safe officers were called and I was arrested.”

The Ogun state police command say the suspect will be arraigned in court as soon as investigation is completed.

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Two Children Electrocuted, Mother Hospitalized In Lagos




A mother is being treated in a hospital after two of her children were electrocuted in Mushin, Lagos State.

The children, a girl aged 10 and a boy aged seven, were electrocuted on Thursday, Sept. 26, when they attempted to turn on the television after returning from school.

The children’s mother reportedly fainted when she got news of her children’s death and she is currently hospitalized.

A resident of the area named Toyosi told Punch: “I heard that it was after school on Thursday, the girl was trying to turn on the TV from the socket when she got electrocuted. Without even knowing what had happened to his older sister, the younger boy went to touch her, he too got electrocuted.

“They stayed at that spot until the light was taken and then they fell. I heard the woman is still at the hospital. She has yet to recover from the shock. We heard that when people went to visit her, she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t cry, she just sat at a spot, looking.”

Another resident of the area, who didn’t give her name, disclosed that the mother of the children had a third child she was breastfeeding when the two older ones passed on.

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Tight Security As Tribunal Set To Deliver Judgment On Petitions Against Sanwo-Olu




Security has been beefed up at the Roseline Omotosho Courthouse, Ikeja, as the Lagos State Election Petitions Tribunal is set to deliver judgement in petitions challenging the election of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate for the state in the March 18 poll, Abdulazeez Adediran, also known as Jandor, and his Labour Party counterpart, Mr. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, filed the petitions.

Security operatives took over the main entrance of the courthouse, screening journalists, lawyers and others before they could gain entrance.

Securing operatives prevented a number of people from entering the premises.

Adediran, in his petition, alleged that the governor presented a forged West African School Certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Adediran also accused Lagos deputy governor, Kadri Hazmat, of not including an oath declaration in the INEC Nomination Form EC9.

He added that APC did not comply with the Electoral Act when nominating Sanwo-Olu and Hamzat.

Rhodes-Vivour, in his petition, also challenged the eligibility of Hazmat to contest on the grounds that he allegedly renounced his Nigerian citizenship and swore allegiance to the United States of America.


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