2nd wife burns co-wife’s house after hubby denies her Christmas money

Police in Lurambi, Kakamega County have arrested a 32-year-old woman for allegedly burning down her co-wife’s house on Thursday night.

Anne Sande, who hails from Emusala Village, is said to have set the house alight after her husband, Dominic Miti, allegedly refused to give her Ksh1, 000 for Christmas shopping.

Sande complained that Miti had given her elder co-wife, Tina Nangoni, Ksh1, 000 to prepare for the festivity, but declined to extend the same generosity to her [Sande].

Miti told K24 Digital that Sande became stubborn the moment she realised he had given Nangoni, 36, the said-money and she [Sande] was yet to receive her Christmas package from him.

“I was planning to also give her Ksh1, 000,” said Miti.

“However, she was extremely impatient,” added the upset husband.

Following the resultant chaos, police arrived at the scene and arrested Sande and Miti, who were taken to Emusala police post.

Miti was, however, freed on Friday morning, whereas Sande was transferred to Kakamega Police Station.

Police say Sande will be charged with arson.

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